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Psychologist, Sexologoist, Psychotherapy, Couple Counselor

Christina Kalogianni, M.A. & M.Sc.
Psychologist, Sexologoist, Psychotherapy, Couple Counselor

Functional-Sexological Therapy

Sexofunctional Therapy (Therapie Sexofonctionnelle) is a sexological approach, based on the principle of sexual function developed by Dr. Francois de Carufel (a Canadian psychologist with vast experience in Clinical Sexology). It is one of the most thorough therapies developed in the last few years and one of the most promising intervention practices in relation to sexual dysfunctions.

This model uses multiple types of clinical intervention to provoke desirable changes. Some of these interventions are :

* Education in physical abilities, by correcting behavior and movement during the sexual act
* Training in concentration and the correct way of breathing
* Information about sexuality
* Examination of beliefs around sex that can lead to cognitive reconstruction
* Analysis of sexual fantasies and correction of the fantasies' content
* Changes of perception regarding imaginary and physical representations
* Self-observation, scientific exploration of new ways of thinking and behaving using the persons and the couples abilities
* Analysis and change of the sexual/emotional models of the partners interchange, sexual communication and communication on sexuality, and development of a spirit of cooperation

Through Sexofunctional Therapy, the sexologist evaluates and proposes specific tools, like the ones mentioned above, always taking into consideration the mental, physical and emotional aspects of the clientÂ’s sexual life. The main goal is to help the person improve his/her sexual life on a personal, social and interpersonal level.

The psychotherapeutic tools, along with the concentration or relaxation practices, are specially designed to help the person get to know his/her body, his/her mind and the way they function.

Emphasis is given to the development of the sexual dynamic of the individual, his/her sexual harmonization and social awareness concerning their sexual relationships.

Dysfunctions treated by a sexologist following the Sexofunctional Therapy include :

Premature ejaculation
Sexual desire disorders
Gender identity disorders
Sexual arousal disorders
Orgasm disorders
Disorders dealing with pain during sexual intercourse (dyspareunia and vaginismus)
All paraphilias (exhibitionism, fetishism, masochism, sadism, voyeurism, necrophilia, zoophilia, etc.)

Sexofunctional Therapy can also be helpful in the individualÂ’s smooth transition through the different phases of sexual life (puberty majority menopause mature age).

The sessions are complete therapies, often organized around specific exercises that help the individual improve his/her sexual life.

The novelty and the effectiveness of Sexofunctional Therapy is based on the fact that it consists of the sum of biological, personal and social aspects of human sexual functions.